Is a wallbed right for you?

Mike, the owner of Natural Choice Furniture, explaining how our wallbeds work.

Wall Beds with the Create-A-Bed Mechanism

Here are some of the Murphy Beds made with the Sico Mechanism.

Are you looking for something more comfortable and easier to use then an air mattress for your guests?
Do you need a room for more then just a bedroom?
Would you like a temporary bed that will add to the beauty of your room while not in use?
A wallbed, also known as a murphy bed from its earlier days, is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to take care of the need for extra sleeping space for guests or yourself, without the cost of an addition to your home. You will not find particle board or stapled on wood pieces in our wallbeds, we strive to craft the highest quality solid wood furniture. A piece of furniture you buy from us is expected to last a lifetime and that is why we place a lifetime guarantee on everything we make in our wood shop.

If you have ever spent a long night sleeping on a fold out couch you will understand the necessity that inspired William Murphy to invent the folding wallbed. The first Murphy bed was patented in the early 1900's, starting a national tradition. Murphy beds offer a better night’s sleep, a sense of nostalgia and the silly antics of being folded up into a wall, as seen in movies and television. The folding wall bed is so ingrained into the American experience that in 1989 an appellate court held that the term "Murphy bed" was no longer entitled to trademark protection as the majority of the public perceived the term as a generic for a bed that folds into a wall.

Murphy’s invention has inspired companies large and small to acquire their own design patents. Wallbeds are used in homes, vacation houses, fire stations and hotels across the country. They are terrific for small-space living. In spite of the slap stick humor related to this idea, a well made, properly installed wallbed is perfectly safe.

The heart of a folding wallbed is the mechanism.
Natural Choice makes most of its beds with a Sico Eurobed Mechanism which allows comfort of a conventional innerspring mattress with European steam-bent slats which adjust to the contours of your body. The Eurobed pivots on a steel support plate and allows the bed to be attached to the wall rather than the floor. The fold-over leg provides solid support for the bed when it is in use and secures the mattress when the bed is raised. The exclusive hidden spring mechanism makes raising and lowering the bed almost effortless. You can leave your sheets, blankets and pillows on the bed when you close it.

Natural Choice Wallbeds are designed as simple armoires, units with bookcases or side cabinetry; with a variety of storage options for a beautiful, custom room. They can be built in sizes twin through king. See our gallery for these examples.

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